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Crafty With Love

Crafty With Love is a place where homemade baked goods are made with passion and love. We make cookies, cakes, custom cakes, and our signature animal cakes. We do also offer Dessert Buffet for any special occasions.

Our greatest pleasure is sharing our treats from our home to you, to make your special day extra special.

Seeing the joy on your face when you taste our creations, is the biggest price we can get.


Our Story

Started my journey from Philippines to New York. Work in a big French Pastry Company for 5 years. I got married to a pastry enthusiast too! What are the odds! We got blessed with two beautiful kids, one is the messy helper and the other one is the hangry taste tester.

Now, we are currently living in the heart of Fort Myers, Florida.

Since I decided to be a stay-at-home mama, I needed my passion to keep alive. With the support of my lovely husband, I am able to share my passion to you by creating your treats and sweets. 

Crafty With Love's mission is to bring sweet memories on your special day. Our products are made from scratch and every recipe we create are always With Love.

-Crafty with Love

Meet Our Little Team


The Mama Baker

The Messy Helper


The Hangry Taste Tester

Untitled_Artwork 1 (1)_edited_edited.png

The Supportive Husband

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